Saarthak woke up with a jerk soaked in sweat only to realize that he saw something which has already happened. Though it was not anymore an unusual thing but even then it brought the same uneasiness down his guts, up his mind. 

It was 2. He sat on his berth. It had been 10 months he saw her or heard from her. He just didn’t know what to do except missing her.

Although Dr Chandra tried to track her down but Vaahika couldn’t be found. 

He took out his wallet and pulled out a piece of jewellery. It was a broken anklet with bells still intact on it.

The train arrived at 4 at the station where he was supposed to be de-boarding. Aman was waiting for him already and he recognised him as soon as he stepped outside the train.

After 6 years, seeing each other was indeed a eye-soothing, heart-warming and soul refreshing experience. They hugged each other and Aman escorted him home. Throughout the drive, nobody said a word. Saarthak took a nap, and Aman continued with the drive and humming along the music.

But what’s gonna happen wasn’t something either of them knew yet!

Though Saarthak had a slight idea of how he’s going to freak Aman out with everything but then what was the other option anyway?

He had an experience of hiding things from Aman already and obviously he didn’t want to mess anything again. 

to be continued 


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