3. Mismatch, zigzag!

“What are you doing here? No, wait! How on earth are you here?” Vaahika asked Saarthak as soon as she stepped in the house.
“Ahemm! I..” Saarthak was about to say something when Aman appeared in the hall interrupting him. “Oh my god! Look who’s showed up here!”

Vaahika turned towards him. There was a hug and Aman kind of lifted her up in it. Though Saarthak was not so sure but he saw Vaahika place a kiss on his cheek.

Something jolted him in his guts seeing that.

“Vaahika, Saarthak; Saarthak, Vaahika!” Aman introduced them to each other not knowing that they had already met before.

“Saarthak Sehgal!” Vaahika put a pat on Saarthak’s shoulder.

“Hain? When did he introduce himself?” Aman looked surprised evidently.

“Arre we have met already, even before I met you!” Vaahika told Aman, pinching his nose.

Hearing so, Aman’s face went blank. He shot a brief weird glance at Saarthak and gestured Vaahika to sit on the couch.

All of them sat. But Saarthak knew the glance he got. Aman was displeased. Why? He couldn’t understand. Vaahika freshened up, met Aman’s mother. Sweet as she was, she won over her heart in no time. Aman was also quite happy having her around. Only Saarthak felt a bit off about everything. Though he couldn’t stop adoring her all the while but he was not sure about Aman as yet.

Vaahika, however, untouched of any weirdness, kept talking to him on and off. 

It was about to 8 when she took everyone’s leave. Like a gentleman Aman walked her till the exit of society gate and sent her off placing the kiss back on her hands. 

Saarthak felt uneasy and uncomfortable seeing the moment pass from the apartment’s balcony. Is something going on between these two? He thought.

Who knew what was going to happen next? How he wished he had known…

…..to be continued 

©®Nisha Mishra 


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