3. Mismatch, zigzag!


Aman came back to the apartment, locked the doorknob. Saarthak looked at him unsure about how he’s going to start a conversation. It was the first time ever that he felt uneasy around him.
Aman walked up to him and sat across him. No words came out of either mouths.

“Why wouldn’t you tell me? All this time I thought I am the one who’s making you meet her. I kept describing how special she was and you didn’t give it a sensible thought? Like, really? Why would you do that?” Finally Aman spoke up. The displeasure was all over his face, presence and tone.

“I had no idea things would turn out to be this way.” Saarthak’s tone was a mix of being upset and confusion.

“Shut the fuck up!” Aman blurted out rather angrily and for first time ever on none other than Saarthak.

Saarthak was now shocked and perplexed at the same time.

“Dekh, utna bhi bada issue nahi hai, that you require to shout.” Saarthak stood up, putting his hands gently on his shoulders, trying to calm Aman down.

Though it was a reflex but Aman was almost about to throw a punch in his face. Saarthak ducked but he couldn’t believe what might have happened had he didn’t.

Aman took a step back looking down at his feet, still raging but quiet.

“What? What did I do wrong? You’d hit me? Really? You would? Why? Tell me WHY?” Saarthak was bitter, angry and almost heartbroken.

“Because I am in love with her!” Aman shouted again. He looked at him for a second.


“What’s going on? What happened, Saarth?” Neena, Aman’s mother was shocked to see her son’s face flushed out of anger, that on someone who meant life to him.

“Auntie, please leave us alone for sometime. I got this!” Saarthak requested Neena with his ever polite tone and gesture and closed the door.

Saarthak couldn’t believe what could have happened had Aman not stopped. He was shattered.

For the first time ever he had never seen Aman like that…angry and loud. He didn’t even try to come out of his room after slamming the door on Saarthak’s face.

For some reasons he regretted the fact that he didn’t tell him about Vaahika earlier, even when he could have had easily done so.

Of course he liked Vaahika but Aman was in love with her.

“What was he supposed to do now?”

Saarthak walked down the street, reached home and slammed the door shut behind him and sat down on the floor. Hours passed by. Vaahika was everywhere like a witch… magical and full of mystery. He thought about Aman too. Aman had all the college girls drool over him, but never did he go after anyone or pursued anyone romantically, except for the harmless flirting here and there.

“Why Vaahika then?” He thought to himself. And then it struck him that obviously because she was different.

Something inside of him unsettled and before he knew a tear rolled down of his eyes, down his cheeks.

God knows when he fell asleep, amidst all of the troubled thoughts and feelings swirling around and within. He woke up to the continuous doorbell ringing. He checked his watch. It was 8 in the morning. He still had time to get ready for college.

Post last nights’ incident he wasn’t quite sure if it was Aman at his doorstep. The doorbell rang again. He got up and walked towards the door.

His jaw dropped at the sight.

“Good morning, sleepyhead!” Vaahika waved at him with a smile on her face.

“Why is she just so heart-melting gorgeous?” Saarthak thought while admiring the way she had put winged liner making her eyes stand out beautifully and the way her locks were tied in that messy bun.

“Though I ain’t a vampire but I guess entering into someone’s house without being invited in is a bad manner.” Vaahika said to Saarthak bringing him out of his head.

“Please come in.” Saarthak invited her in.
©®Nisha Mishra


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