4. Setting it right!

Present day.

For the first time in his life so far, Aman was driving smoothly without any haste in the vibes around or inside. He kept looking at Saarthak sleeping by his side once in a while and he knew in his heart, how much he had missed him. Seeing him after a 6 years’ time was such a pleasure.
After having met Kunal, he knew how badly he wanted to set things right. And this time, he was sure to do it.

It was 9 in the morning when they reached home. Aman tenderly put his hands on Saarthak’s arm to wake him and he woke up in a blink.

They stepped in the house few minutes after. Neena welcomed them with utter delight. 

Aman helped Saarthak with the luggage till his room and as soon as Saarthak entered the room, he crashed on the bed and drifted off to sleep. Aman settled his belongings in one corner of the room and closed the door behind him after switching off the lights. 

It was around 4 in the evening when Aman came back to the room with tea and some snacks to munch on, only to find Saarthak freshened up, changed to other clothes and sitting in the balcony armchair, smoking a cigarette.

“When did you wake up? Baahar aajaata! I thought you must be sleeping still.” Aman said, while putting the tray on the table.

Saarthak didn’t answer him. He quietly stood up, went back in the room, took his backpack and started fiddling inside it.

Aman looked confused and watched him. Saarthak walked up to Aman back and handed over a piece of paper to him.

Aman looked at him still confused but took the piece of paper and opened it carefully as it appeared a bit worn out and fragile. It read:
Greetings Saarthak,

I’m sorry for this but had to inform you about Vaahika’s disappearance. Though I tried to locate her but she’s nowhere to be found. She’s in a really bad shape with all the depression, amnesia and body allergies taking toll on her. I request you to come here and help me with this. Looking forward to hear from you and request you to try finding her as well.


Dr. Chandra.
Aman had every feeling all over his face. Pain, anger, sadness, confusion, helplessness, longing…but most of it had love.

He looked at Saarthak who was now standing still and quiet.
“Where was she?” The question remains unanswered.
…..to be continued.

©®Nisha Mishra


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