4. Setting it right!

It felt like ages though it was a few minutes that passed by, nobody uttered a word, neither looked at each other. 

Saarthak’s world was already been upside down and still spinning, but Aman’s world had just begun collapsing. 
Without saying a word, he stood up to leave, but Aman held him by his arm still looking downwards. But there was something off about the hold. Saarthak stopped and turned around only to find a version of Aman that nobody ever knew except Vaahika. 
“I’m sorry! I’m so sorry for bringing this up to you. Maaf karde mujhe!” Saarthak sat down in front of Aman on his knees and hugged him. Aman’s face was flushed out, tears down on his cheek and he looked miserable. Obviously!
“Where is she?” Aman muffled in the hug, still crying like a baby wondering about the girl he loved more than he was capable of.
“I don’t know. Will find her. We will find her.” Saarthak consoled him.
It took Aman a while to recover from the weak moment, while Saarthak waited patiently.
“Tell me what exactly happened. More than that, I wish to know how come you got this letter from a psychiatrist who was treating Vaahi? The hell! Why was she undergoing a mental treatment?” Aman shot the top questions as soon as he caught his sanity in place.
“I wasn’t in London all these years!” Saarthak answered the question which wasn’t even asked.
Aman felt as if somebody had thrashed him with a burning hammer right in his face. He was terrified and more than anything, he felt cheated. 5 whole years.
“What the hell! Then, where were you?” Aman questioned him, his face shocked and heart sinking.
“Mumbai for a while and Delhi from the last 3 years.” Saarthak answered without a hint of guilt in his voice. While Aman was traveling all over India for work, Saarthak was in Delhi. The city they born and were brought up in. All these years when he thought his best friend is practicing psychiatry abroad, he was in the same town they both raised and resided in.
Even though, Aman had an intuition then and there that the further story will tear him apart but he sat there. After all, he wasn’t ready to lose his best friend and love of his life again.
He had to listen and let it sink in.

That was his only way out! Probably, meeting Kunal was the best thing that happened to him on the same day.
But what was the worst thing?
He was yet to know that!
©®Nisha Mishra.


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